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PRIMASOUND LTD, started the production and installation of air horns and acoustic cleaners back in 1997.

The first projects/installations were performed in land based infrastructures / industries like:

  • Concrete producers like ΑΓΕΤ ΗΡΑΚΛΗΣ currently named LAFARGE in silos, chambers and filters
  • Wheat and flour factories like ΜΥΛΟΙ (Wheat Mills) ΛΟΥΛΗ in silos and chambers
  • Mines, like GREECE MAGNETIZE, in Electrostatic precipitators (ESP)
  • Refineries, like AVIN, in exhaust funnels and boilers.

In 2000, the Co. extended the applications platform of acoustic cleaners to the shipping industry, recording the first installations with excellent results in the following Shipping Cos:

  • Minoan Lines (M/E air coolers)
  • Springfield S.A (air coolers & economizers)

Since then and up to date, the shipping Cos customer list have been expanded allot as defined in the respective reference list.

At the end of the day, we provide custom made solutions to our customers, starting from the design and production line, ending up with installation when it is requested.