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KEMPPI welding machines have been used for many years in heavy engineering for ship building and pipe lines and also offshore supplied by many hire companies due to there multisystem with MMA MIG and DC TIG.

KEMPPI are of the best welding machines.

KEMPPI Second hand At Excellent Condition
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Product Name: Kemppi Kempact MIG 2350 MIG Welder
Condition: Used

Kemppi Kempact MIG 2350 MIG Welder
Serviced £/GBP: 1200 each 

Package Includes
4 month warranty
Package includes:- NEW 4m air cooled MIG torch (or water cooled MIG torch if cooling is supplied), single stage 2 gauge regulator (UK sales only) and earth work lead.

Description: x 20 Kemppi MIG welder with separate controls for voltage and wire feed speed. Discover superior arc performance with excellent arc ignition in all situations.
Connection voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz 380-440 V ±10%
Fuse (delayed) 16 A
Welding range 20 A / 15 V- 250 A / 26.5 V
Output 40% ED 250 A/26.5 V
Weight (no accessories) 20 kg